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Decorating My Apartment

Decorating and My Self-Esteem The best feeling in the world is knowing I’m going home after work. Being home makes me feel good because I can be myself. I can sit in silence and think. I can take a moment for myself. I can make a list of things to do and decide to do […]

Coping with Perfectionism

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for better than yesterday. -Izey Victoria Odiase I just realized today that I have been dealing with perfectionism. But I can not lie, I knew in the back of my mind that it is my flaw. This quote is one way I deal with it. I try to do my […]

Sunshine of an​ Introvert’s Mind

I use to want to change myself. I use to feel insecure about my inability to be as free and outspoken as others. I use to write in my journals declarations of the new me. I convinced myself that one day I would be so free that people would look up to me. I was […]