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Introverting: As told by Jahmella

The term introvert is not a lifestyle that I chose. I didn’t choose this life. I am this life. So what does it mean to be an introvert? I don’t want to give you a definition, there are plenty of internet things you can find on the subject, just a simple google search can take […]

End of Summer Blues

Why does vacation always seem so short? Vacation feels like a tease of the life I could have, but I can’t because I don’t make enough money. But seriously if I had the means, would I really be happy with a vacation life. Living on a constant high and never coming down. Isn’t the reason […]

Road Trip around Barbados

When I think of a road trip, I don’t think of traveling around an Island. A road trip to me is going to a different state or country. Or so I thought. Last week I went on a road trip through Barbados and saw some of the most beautiful views Barbados has to offer. Even […]

Meet The Parents

Trevis, my boyfriend, and I took the trip to Texas together so he can meet my family. I wasn’t worried because I knew they would like him, but last year it was a totally different story.

How You Doing?

I just want to write a post about where I am mentally. I missed a week of blogging and I haven’t been posting on my normal days. I also up and changed the name of my blog without explanation, so I will explain that here.