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Coping with Perfectionism

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for better than yesterday. -Izey Victoria Odiase I just realized today that I have been dealing with perfectionism. But I can not lie, I knew in the back of my mind that it is my flaw. This quote is one way I deal with it. I try to do my […]

To My Younger Self

Here is a recap of what I wrote, ways I lied to myself in The Stories We Live By, that time I got fired in You’re Fired, when I produced a short film in 48 Hour Film Festival Disaster, and How I Became a Teacher when it wasn’t my first option. I really like to […]

How I Became a Teacher

This is the story of how I became a teacher despite trying hard to avoid it. There were a couple of reasons why I didn’t want to be a teacher. One reason was that before I worked in a school, I was a babysitter for small children and I knew the amount of energy it took […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Become​ a Teacher

I have been teaching for 5 years and it’s the most stressful yet fulfilling job I have ever had. There are a few things I dislike about teaching, but there are more reasons why I love it. Here are my reasons you should become a teacher. Every day is different. You get to help the […]

48 Hour Film Festival Disaster

Some people do not have a problem with starting new things. They can just dive right into it. I admire those people. Me on the other I have to contemplate the pros and cons. I have to think if I will truly benefit and if it will benefit others. My very first job as a […]