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End of Summer Blues

Why does vacation always seem so short? Vacation feels like a tease of the life I could have, but I can’t because I don’t make enough money. But seriously if I had the means, would I really be happy with a vacation life. Living on a constant high and never coming down. Isn’t the reason […]

Road Trip around Barbados

When I think of a road trip, I don’t think of traveling around an Island. A road trip to me is going to a different state or country. Or so I thought. Last week I went on a road trip through Barbados and saw some of the most beautiful views Barbados has to offer. Even […]

Meet The Parents

Trevis, my boyfriend, and I took the trip to Texas together so he can meet my family. I wasn’t worried because I knew they would like him, but last year it was a totally different story.

How You Doing?

I just want to write a post about where I am mentally. I missed a week of blogging and I haven’t been posting on my normal days. I also up and changed the name of my blog without explanation, so I will explain that here.

Beat Average

“I’m going to get married at 21 and have kids by 23 so when my kids get older I won’t be old” This was my 13 year old plan because one of my friends had older parents and they never wanted to take us anywhere. In my 13 year mind, this meant they lacked energy […]