Life in Kuwait: Kuwait Feels

The transition from summer break to going back to school is a topic most teachers can relate to. Everyone feels some type of way whether its happy, sad, whatever. Imagine going back to school in an international school. Coming back is nothing like my first time coming here.

My first time here I was like a deer in headlights. The new climate, the environment, the different lifestyles, and the looks (the looks always made me self-conscious). I have gotten use to most of those things now. Sometimes I get frustrated at the Inshallah attitude toward things, but I’m learning to go with the flow. Inshallah is translated to Lord willing, but kind of means we’ll see. Will I have my residency card this week, Inshallah, or we shall see.

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End of Summer Blues

Why does vacation always seem so short? Vacation feels like a tease of the life I could have, but I can’t because I don’t make enough money. But seriously if I had the means, would I really be happy with a vacation life. Living on a constant high and never coming down. Isn’t the reason why vacation is so great because it is a break from regular everyday life. So if your life was a vacation, would it even be fun any more? Anyway, my vacation is over and the new school year has started.

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Two Countries, Five Cities Part 2

Last week I wrote about the first three cities I went to Rotterdam, The Hague, and Ghent here. This week I will share more about Ghent and then talk about my experience in Amsterdam and Masstrict.


My favorite part of Ghent was the Castle of Counts. I was impressed by the fact that it was built of stone in a time when there wasn’t much technology. It is quite amazing what people can accomplish even without today’s tools. The tour was self-guided and we received an audio device along with headphones. The areas were numbered and we pressed the number to get information about that area. The castle was built by Count Philip in 1180 who had a lot of money and wanted to flaunt it. Inside the castle, there is a torture dungeon with a wide collection of torture equipment. In part of the tour, I learned about some of the most scandalous cases that ended in gruesome death. From people being boiled alive to stretch apart to death, the punishment wasn’t to teach the person a lesson but use the person as a lesson to the surviving townspeople.

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Two Countries, Five Cities

On my way back to Kuwait I join two of my friends Baraa and Fatuma to visit two countries – the Netherlands and Belgium. In those two countries, we went to five different cities, Ghent in Belgium and Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Maastricht in the Netherlands. The whether really shocked my system since I was coming from the Caribbean, but I took some Claritin and I was fine. I also found public transportation to be interesting.

I finally comprehend the difference between trains and subways. Even though I have been on a couple of train rides in New York and London I still thought of it as the subway because I stayed in the general area. Trains usually travel to different countries or states while the subway is intercity. This is not to say the trains do not travel intercity because they do and this is why I was so confused.

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