Decorating My Apartment

Decorating and My Self-Esteem

The best feeling in the world is knowing I’m going home after work. Being home makes me feel good because I can be myself. I can sit in silence and think. I can take a moment for myself. I can make a list of things to do and decide to do nothing. I can look at all the happy people on social media and silently judge the attention seekers. My home is my comfort zone. I don’t agree with the idea that states comfort is the enemy of achievement. Yes, I think that sometimes I should do things that make me feel uncomfortable, but ultimately I believe that my comfort zone is where I can reset and reflect. I lived most of my life feeling uncomfortable about being an introvert and feeling like I needed to not be an introvert. Literally. I spent many years not feeling comfortable in my skin. I challenge myself to speak to people and open up more. I have done plenty of things to step out of my comfort zone and still have more things to do. However, I refuse to believe that my comfort zone is hindering my growth. My comfort zone is the reason why I’m growing because it’s my place of peace and calm. Since my home is my place of comfort I think it’s important to have things in it that make me feel good.

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Coping with Perfectionism

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for better than yesterday.

-Izey Victoria Odiase

I just realized today that I have been dealing with perfectionism. But I can not lie, I knew in the back of my mind that it is my flaw. This quote is one way I deal with it. I try to do my best for the current day. Perfectionism is not all negative. It can be a strength in some instances. For example, my introverted self has decided that I want to plan a picnic in the park with my neighbors. I know how important connection is and the last time I went to the park it was chill and I enjoyed myself. I may be an introvert, but I’m also all about good vibes. So I have to set aside some time to think about all the details to make it a successful outing. I feel like in this case striving for the best is fine.

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To My Younger Self

Here is a recap of what I wrote, ways I lied to myself in The Stories We Live By, that time I got fired in You’re Fired, when I produced a short film in 48 Hour Film Festival Disaster, and How I Became a Teacher when it wasn’t my first option. I really like to think about my decisions and ways I can improve as a person. Especially when a situation has me shook. This post is a letter to my younger self. If I could go back in time and let my past self see my now self, here are the things I would tell me.

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How I Became a Teacher

This is the story of how I became a teacher despite trying hard to avoid it. There were a couple of reasons why I didn’t want to be a teacher. One reason was that before I worked in a school, I was a babysitter for small children and I knew the amount of energy it took to keep them occupied. Another reason why I shied away from being a teacher is because of how I judged teachers as a student. Reflecting back the best teachers I had were organized and either strict, relatable, or both. Whichever it was, they had easy to remember routines, clear expectations and were consistent – qualities that make a teacher great. The worst teacher I had was this young eclectic woman who thought she was Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Become​ a Teacher

I have been teaching for 5 years and it’s the most stressful yet fulfilling job I have ever had. There are a few things I dislike about teaching, but there are more reasons why I love it. Here are my reasons you should become a teacher.

  1. Every day is different.
  2. You get to help the little people.
  3. You have the opportunity to travel
  4. Teachers are always needed.
  5. Children are amusing.


These are my top reasons I became a teacher. Teachers do undergo a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day, it is a rewarding job. In honor of Unity Day here is a quote from 365Meditations for Teachers by Greg Henry Quinn:

Quench the fires of anger and weakness with the waters of peace and strength. 

I have a post I’m publishing tomorrow about why I became a teacher. So stay tuned.